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Sustainable Interior Design Tips

When it comes to design, sustainability is more than a buzzword, it’s a way of life! Think of it like this: sustainable design is an ecosystem where everything is interconnected and feeds or flows into another. Sustainable design is about improving quality of life, total wellness, environmental preservation, energy efficiency, and more. Let’s dive into sustainable design basics and how you can add sustainable design elements into any space.

Sustainable design makes everything better, at home and work

Making sustainable choices in your home or workplace can have a significant, lasting impact. Things like smart lights and blinds that adjust to your daily routine, using nontoxic products in your home and on your body, and even composting all impact your quality of life and protect the environment and our natural resources. And sure, sustainable design takes into account the aesthetic of your home, but it also takes into account the long term impact of your design choices. For example, investing in a piece of furniture that is both responsibly made and made well, can keep it out of the landfill down the line.

When it comes to sustainable design at work, think form and function. Ergonomic desks that improve posture can also help creativity just like incorporating plants and as much natural light as possible can be a mood booster.

Now trending: sustainability and smart technology

A trend in sustainability that is here to stay is smart technology. Smart lights, smart blinds, even smart refrigerators are changing the way we live by making life more convenient and energy efficient. Take smart blinds, for example. You can set them on a schedule to open and close with the sunrise and sunset so you intake more natural light with less light usage throughout the day. This can help boost your mood and productivity - there’s nothing like waking up to sunrise or having a sunny office view while working from home to improve your day!

Smart technology can also be incorporated into an office environment to support a happier workplace and healthier planet. Researchers at MIT estimate that commercial buildings account for 20% of all energy used in the U.S. and as much as 30% of that goes to waste. We can all do our part, whether at home or work to create spaces that serve us without sabotaging our natural resources.

If you would like to learn more about how we can bring sustainable design to your space, contact us.


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