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How to Use Interior Design to Stay Focused While Working From Home

If you struggle with staying focused while working from home, it may not be you, but your environment! The truth is, interior design has way more to it than picking out pretty paint colors and furniture. Everything from the way the space flows to the lighting and even if you have plants in your space can all impact your mood, emotions and overall productivity when working from home.

As a working mompreneur who has worked from home with the kids for the last fifteen years, finding balance between my work life and family can be tough. Sometimes it seems that client projects, laundry, meetings, homeschool and family time all run together and from the time I wake up to the time I lay down to rest, it can be challenging to feel like there is enough time in the day to do it all. And boy it can be hard to focus!

The last fifteen years gave me a chance to see what works, what doesn’t, and what’s needed!

First thing, your environment is one of the biggest factors. A space that is distracting, dirty, overwhelming, cluttered, and inconsistent with your lifestyle needs, can significantly impact your creativity and ability to get things done.

Here are 5 ways to create a more functional office that will help you feel more prepared and productive throughout the day.

1. Balance your senses. Make sure your space is clean, free from dust, and smells good. These sound simple but you will function better. Aromatherapy can help ease stressful thoughts, put the mind at ease and boost mood.

2. Set the mood with lighting and colors that make you feel good. Lighting options that mimic natural light go a long way especially when you are working within a space that does not have windows. Additionally, choose colors based off of the emotion you want to evoke in the space. If you want to be energized and inspired choose bright yellow or orange. If you want to be chill and calm choose soft greens, turquoise and blues.

3. Create multiple seating options in your space. In addition to a desk and chair to work, add a standing desk or work table, a lounge area or reading nook. This gives you options in your work zone that goes with your mood that day. Maybe you just want to curl up and work from that comfy chair or you need a large table to spread things out. The key is multifunctional pieces and options!