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Harmonize your inner self with your space

If you're struggling with physical or mental ailments ​and want guidance and support to heal your interior (self) and interior (environment), our wellness consulting services are for you.

You will receive an intensive, one on one coaching session that can be applied in any area you desire, so that you can understand how to truly thrive from the inside out.

Whether you need support ridding your home of toxins that are causing hormonal imbalances and physical ailments, a home edit to understand how your home is impacting your overall wellness (and what to do about it), or help letting go of clutter to create a healthier living space, we're here for you.


All wellness consulting is led by our founder, Bridgette Pridgen, who leverages her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and holistic wellness background to consult, educate and inspire action.

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meet the owner

Our founder and lead designer, Bridgette Pridgen, leverages over a decade of experience in interior design along with her education in Psychology to go beyond the surface and create spaces that spark healing and improve quality of life. 


At Conscience Led Design, we use design principles and healing modalities like color therapy, feng shui, emotional intelligence, Emotion Code and harmonious space planning to bring balance to your home or workplace.


Working with Conscience Led Design was a life changing experience for me and my entire family. We now have a home where every room feels good and everything has a place and function. With their skill and guidance every space was designed with conscience intention. Their professionalism and design knowledge of creating  beautiful sustainable living spaces is unmatched.  Thank you!


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