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design for the people & the planet 

We believe in the interconnected nature of interior design, wellness and the environment. Beyond aesthetics we work with our clients to create visually inspiring spaces that improve quality of life and boost wellness. 

Our services include full scale design for your home or office, as well as e-design and virtual support to create the space of your dreams. We also partner with organizations and individuals for workshops and special events centered around interior design, wellness, holistic, and sustainable living.


Working with Conscience Led Design was a life changing experience for me and my entire family. We now have a home where every room feels good and everything has a place and function. With their skill and guidance every space was designed with conscience intention. Their professionalism and design knowledge of creating  beautiful sustainable living spaces is unmatched.  Thank you!


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meet the owner

Our founder and lead designer, Bridgette Pridgen, leverages over a decade of experience in interior design along with her education in Psychology to go beyond the surface and create spaces that spark healing and improve quality of life. 


At Conscience Led Design, we use design principles and healing modalities like color therapy, feng shui, emotional intelligence, Emotion Code and harmonious space planning to bring balance to your home or workplace.

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