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2023 Interior Design Trends

If you’re wondering about the top 2023 decor trends, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to see Bridgette's picks and how to incorporate them into your space.

Moody interior design living room 2023 trends

Holistic interior design is here to stay

After being cooped up inside for almost two years people have had a lot of time to see what works and what doesn’t work in their homes and spaces. Let’s face it, we all need a little harmony and balance in our lives after the pandemic. Holistic interior design is all about mindfulness of self and your environment while digging deeper into your emotions, mindset, lifestyle, and how acknowledging how everything around us relates to each other. It’s time to start creating spaces with more meaning and intention. More attention will be drawn to Feng Shui and the energy in the home.

Eco-friendly is the way to go

With the state of the world from supply chain issues to climate control, more people will be more conscious of what products, furnishings, and textiles they are using and where they are sourced from. We will see even more sustainably sourced wood types, such as black cherry wood, elm, maple, mango, bamboo, and cork woods, used because of their low carbon footprints, fast-growing, and fast to dry and transport. We will see the layering of organic and natural textures to help bring nature indoors.

Light and moody for every mood

The days of light and bright are slowly fading away and a juxtaposition of light and moody is on the rise. The contrast of crisp whites, creams, and soft greens paired with dark moody tones of slate, blacks, and deep olives gives you all the feel of warmth, and sexiness, without the space feeling like a cave. The brightness attracts light and lifts spirits while the darker tones evoke mystery and sophistication. Pair with medium-tone woods for a warm inviting feel.

Wood tones warm holistic interior design

Rich Vibrant Hues for standout spaces

Rich jewel tones colors such as eggplant purples, greens, blues, and even burnt orange tones are on the rise in 2023. Paired with mixed metals, warm wood tones, moody lighting, and lots of beautiful millwork to complete the look. Nothing says beauty and sophistication like a deep, vibrant color next to simple, clean crown molding and trim to make it pop!

Yes, you need an oasis

From a prayer room, cozy library, meditation room or a private outdoor oasis this year is about making mindful spaces just for you. People need to recharge, reconnect with themselves, and intentionally get away from it all to just be. Start small with just a prayer closet with comfy pillows and blankets or go big with a whole dedicated room with a biophilic design, filled with plants, nature-inspired elements, and textures to soothe your mind, body, and soul.

Smart features for added convenience

From Alexa to google home most of us have probably experienced a little tech at home. This coming year tech is taking us all by storm! Usually, its sustainable, earth-friendly draw attracts the conscious consumer but this year more and more people are leaning towards convenience and quality of life. From smart blinds, ovens, and beds, to smart lighting systems. Smart home features can help save you time, and money and help save the planet.

Open floor plans might not be your thing

A lot of people still love an open floor plan but for the ones that are still working remotely after the pandemic, many are putting up walls to create cozier private spaces and keep the family out of the background of zoom calls while working from home.

Dedicated home office with amenities for comfort

This year many people will be creating a dedicated office space, but not just a desk and chair type of space. Most have seen the benefits of multi-tasking while working from home. So, multipurpose office spaces are in with a private quiet work area, a nice cozy place to nap in between meetings or use for guests, and space for hobbies or even exercise. The more functions the better this year!

Does your space need a refresh this year? Contact us for a consultation!


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