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How To Style a Coffee Table to Bring You Joy and Create Harmony Within Your Space

Even the smallest things, decor and accessories around us can spark joy in us and create an internal peace within that helps us show up in the world better.

Everything starts with intention and finding a purpose for all things big or small in life. You can draw inspiration and joy from anything around you! The most important part is taking the time to learn yourself enough, to see what really lights you up! 

“Know what sparks the light in you so that you, in your own way, can illuminate the world.” -- OPRAH

Here are a few things to consider when styling the flattop spaces in your home or business to spark joy in your life.

1. Set your intentions

Figure out what’s the intention for the surface. Is it for beauty alone or also functionality? Be intentional about the use of the space and how you want this space to make you feel.

2. Tell your story

Add pieces that tell your story and give you all the “feels”, feelings of the emotion you want it to evoke. For warmth place an earth friendly candle in a natural tone container. For freshness place live plants or faux plants that feel alive. For nostalgia add pieces from your travels or memorable items that remind you of happiness.

3. Create vignettes or small groupings of decor

Choose pieces that vary in height, size, and texture. Make your groupings tight or wide depending on the shape of the surface, just remember that you want pieces that spark joy! Inspirational books, statement pieces like a statute or vase that shows your style and aesthetic.  Always use coordinating colors with your items of choice. Use trays and bowls to hold your groupings. This is a great way to make vignettes tighter in scale.

4. Use shapes to style your groupings

A triangle shape is having a larger piece in the center and two smaller pieces flanking the item on either side. A right-angle triangle is having a tall piece to the far right and taper down to the left with smaller pieces. Just envision your shape as if you are trying to style within the perimeter of that shape, to create that shape.

5. Give yourself plenty of choices

Have enough pieces to shop from when styling your surfaces. Have a variety of items with varying heights, shapes, textures, and that tell a different part of your story. A minimum of 6-10 items is a good place to start when styling one surface. The more the merrier, you can always use them in another area. 

6. Style one space at a time

Give yourself time and space to style one area at a time, this is another time to be intentional about use, placement,  and how it makes you feel. This will eliminate overwhelm and ensure the space was designed with love and continues to spark joy! There’s nothing nice about a small project meant to bring happiness to your life, and it turns into a hectic mess because you bite off more than you can chew! Take your time and make the space nice. 

7. Have fun and be mindful

The products we use in our space can either add to or subtract from our wellbeing. So, don’t forget to clean your surfaces,  with earth friendly cleaners, pick items that want hinder your air quality, mental state or interfere with your wellness. Add some life to your space by bringing a little nature inside with plants, natural textures, and anything that gives you life. Don’t be afraid to shop your home first, before hitting the stores. You can always refresh a space by mixing and matching pieces from around your home or office! 

If you want to learn more about picking items in your home or space to spark joy and improve your overall wellbeing comment below or click here to hop on a design quickie call. 

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Thanks again for some great useable tips!

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