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Who you gonna call... Dustbusters! The Art of Holistically Cleaning Your Leafy Plant Babies

If there's something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call DUSTBUSTERS: LOL, I couldn't resist but now as I roll over in laughter with tears in my eyes, I realize I am only showing my age and quirky sense of humor! My 80s babies can relate to this level of corniness. Today we want to talk about one of the joys of owning houseplants and the thing nobody tells you about. Yea, yea I know – they bring life, oxygen, and a touch of nature to our cozy abodes. But amidst all the leafy goodness, there's one task that often gets overlooked: cleaning and dusting those green buddies. Join us as we unveil the secrets behind why you should pamper your photosynthesizing pals with a little TLC. First off, we all know the great process of photosynthesis. Simply stated, plants and trees take in carbon dioxide and water from us and the air, through their leaves and then convert this chemical into oxygen so we can breathe and so on!

1. The Drama of Dust

Let's face it Dust is the culprit of a lot of disharmony in our spaces because of its ability to hold onto negative energy. Dust can turn even the most radiant plant into an unsuspecting participant in a dusty masquerade ball. Picture your beloved fern masked in a fine layer of dust, looking like it's about to sneeze. Don't let your plants become victims of a botanical murder scene, only because they are trying to breathe!

2. War on Spider-Mites

Imagine miniaturized soldier spider mites invading your cherished indoor herb garden – a war you didn't sign up for! Cleaning your plants regularly not only rids them of pesky pests but also prevents them from inviting unwanted guests to their green haven. For a quick DIY pest spray, try adding a couple of drops of dish soap and a dash of apple cider vinegar to a 16 oz spray bottle of water, to mist your babies. This wards off pests and gives your plants a little humidity.

3. Aromatherapy for All

Is there anything more refreshing than taking a deep breath in a room filled with plants? Now imagine that same breath intermingled with the scent of fresh lemon. By cleaning your house plants, you not only remove dust but also enhance their innate ability to purify the air and release delightful fragrances.

4. Dirty, Dirty Air

Cleaning your home is vital for a healthier environment, but have you ever considered that your plants are also part of that ecosystem? Think of them as little green soldiers in the battle against indoor air pollution. Regular cleaning helps their leaves breathe freely and soak up toxins lurking in the atmosphere. Where there is dirt and dust indoors there is unclean air circulating.

5. Plant Fashionistas

Your house plants are the true survivors of changing trends – from macramé hangers to terracotta pots, they've seen it all. Now, imagine how much happier they'd be if their fashion accessories were dust-free and sparkling. Show your plants some love, and they'll reward you with even more stunning foliage.

6. Zen Zone

Ever wondered why you feel so peaceful and calm while gardening or even being close to plants/trees? That's the power of grounding/earthing, physically touching or connecting with soil and plants that connect you with Earth's natural electrical charge. We feed off the earth and the earth feeds off of us!

Cleaning your house plants can be just as meditative. Engaging with nature's creation, leaf by leaf, helps cultivate a sense of mindfulness and appreciation for the simple joys in life. Plus, it's a great way to de-stress and bond with your green companions!

7. Scrub a dub dub

Now that you know, start off small, by monthly taking a soft damp rag and gently wiping down your plant leaves to rid them of any dust. Use this time to look for problem areas, pests, or damage. This individual plant therapy can be a great way to de-stress, slow down, be present, and bond and connect with Mutha Earth and your leafy friends. So, fellow plant enthusiasts, let's make cleaning and dusting our house plants a ritual that celebrates both their beauty and our commitment to their well-being.

Together, we can create an environment where dust is banished, spider mites retreat, and the air is fresher than a spring breeze. Let's give our leafy friends the love they deserve and watch them flourish as we tap into the quirky, funny, and educational world of house plant ownership and, cleanliness!

If you want to learn more about bringing plants into your space to improve your overall well-being, book our wellness consulting session here.

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This is so on time for me! My plant babies are definitely due some pampering! Thanks for the reminder.

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