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A Spring Cleaning Checklist to Be Your Best Self and Thrive at Home

Spring cleaning is more than doing a deep clean of your home: it is taking inventory of your life and determining where the imbalances are so that you can be your best self and create a home that serves you. Here’s a checklist for spring cleaning that goes beyond the traditional and caters to your home environment and inner self.

1. Clear the air of negative energy.

What you think is what you become, so if you find yourself constantly in a state of negativity or feeling down at home, check your thoughts. Negativity has a way of creeping in and taking over, so this is the time to be honest with yourself and understand how your energy is impacting your environment.

2. Declutter and get rid of dust.

This wouldn’t be spring cleaning without doing a real deep clean of your home. Dust every corner, nook and cranny to get rid of the old and make way for the new. Dust holds on to negativity. The same goes for old furniture, junk mail and clutter that hold memories with them. Throw away anything that doesn’t serve you in this new season. Closets can also be a culprit for hiding the true essence of what we struggle with, so make a point to go into those spaces where you have hidden things and bring everything out into the open. Brace yourself for a deeply therapeutic process that will make you feel 10 times better and free from everything holding you back!

3. Improve the air quality at home.

Poor air quality can be a major hindrance when it comes to how you feel at home. Add an air purifier or add plants to your space that act as natural purifiers. Snake plants and peace lilies are both great options to clear the air and give your space a boost of green that will help with your overall outlook and wellbeing.

4. Say bye to toxic products.

Everything from household cleaning items to laundry detergent, room sprays and candles can hide nasty toxins that do more harm than good in the long term. Understand what is in your products and get rid of anything that is harmful to your health. Check trusted sites and apps like the Environmental Working Group for insights into which products are safe.

5. Improve the flow and functionality of your space.

If you’re constantly stubbing your toe on the corner of the bed when you wake up, it’s time to reevaluate the space. Make sure there is plenty of room to walk and maneuver around, no matter if you’re first waking up or just walking throughout your home during the day. It may seem small but stubbing your toe everyday could be a trigger that impacts your attitude throughout the rest of the day. Spring is the best time to refresh your space, move furniture around and create a new look in your home.

If your home needs a refresh but you don’t know where to start, contact us for a complimentary consultation. We would love to serve as a resource and guide as you create a space that makes you feel like your best self.


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