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How To Create A Sacred Space At Home

In the new era of self-development and increased spirituality, a lot of people are throwing around words like self-care, mindfulness, and sacred space.

From the beginning of my design career, I have always encouraged my clients and team to identify what things actually mean to them instead of just going along with what’s trendy.

So today I want to teach you more about sacred spaces and show you how you can create a sacred space at home that goes beyond the trends and serves its purpose to help you thrive both inside and out.

First things first, what is a sacred space?

A sacred space is and should be whatever, and wherever you feel most connected to yourself and God. A space is usually deemed sacred because it’s a place of worship, a holy place, and a location people view as worthy of respect and dedication. With a space like this people usually hold it close to their hearts and want to protect it.

Your sacred place starts from within with your thoughts and outward expressions of who you are, and who God says you are. Home is where the heart is full, balanced, and filled with peace, love, and mindfulness. Sacredness starts with making sure that your home (interior space) is well and in harmony, just as your physical home (Interior dwelling) looks and functions well.

5 steps to create a sacred space at home

1. Choose a quiet, peaceful spot that feels meaningful to you. Maybe it’s a sunny reading nook in a corner or even the unused storage space under your stairs or closet. Just make sure it speaks to you and your needs.

2. Make it your own by styling it with meaningful items that hold spiritual or personal significance. There is no need to have stuff that doesn’t spark joy.

3. Consider adding elements of nature, like plants or stones, or even a fountain but make sure the space is clean and clutter-free.

4. Remember to stimulate all your senses in your space. We want great airflow and soft scents, lighting that is pleasing to the eyes, and doesn’t forget to make the space nice and comfy with layered textures and textiles that make you feel safe and warm.

5. Lastly, set the atmosphere in your space by setting the tone, and setting your intentions for the space out loud or on paper. Write your mantras, affirmations, or journal how you want to use your space and the feelings you want to evoke while in your sacred space. You can even try making your own DIY space-clearing aura spray to help make your space feel and smell extra nice. Try our DIY Aura spray recipe here. The most important part is making your space yours and aligning yourself daily with the thoughts of making home your sacred place. Do you want to dive deeper into making your home a sacred place and just don’t know where to start? We would love to help, book your free design consultation here.


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